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Each day, we come into contact with dirty objects on countless occasions. We wash our hands, but never clean our phones, to which we transfer millions of potentially harmful bacteria.


Have you ever used your phone in the bathroom? (Don't worry, we all have.) Then it shouldn't surprise you that 1 in 6 cell phones have fecal matter on them! Which is seriously DANGEROUS!


Did you know that your phone has 18x more harmful bacteria than a handle in public restrooms? If you've ever used your phone after leaving the bathroom, you've made it dirtier than before.


I never knew my phone was so dirty! This product is just what I needed...

MP Dazk

This product sanitizes and charges the phone exactly like it advertised. For a sick child that his phone is his life, it needs to be sanitized.


I first saw this on Shark Tank and I immediately bought one. I believe this phone sanitizer works. It does feel a bit cleaner after running it through the machine.

Johnson S.